School Council

In every State School in Malta, School Council elections are held every two years to select three members representing the parents / guardians and three among the Teachers, LSAs and Kindergarten Assistants. Together with these six members, there is the Secretary / Treasurer (the Head of School) and the President who is appointed by the Minister to serve indefinitely on this Council.

The role of the School Council is mainly the improvement and awareness of children’s needs and teachers within the school, as well as participation by parents in the success of their children’s learning. During the monthly meetings, all members discuss their opinions and suggest possible ideas for the school’s improvement.

The School Council is a very useful tool because it gives the opportunity to have a thorough knowledge of what is being done at school while organising activities throughout the year. At Marsaskala Primary elections have been held on the 31st January 2017. The School Council is now composed of the President: Mr C. Mifsud, the Secretary/Treasurer: Mr E. Fenech, members from the Staff: Ms G. Azzopardi, Ms J. Cardona and Ms S. Lungaro. The members from the Parents / Guardians are Ms Y. Debono, Ms M.E. Mifsud and Ms L. Mifsud.